I really thought it was Thursday...

Is it really only Tuesday?? I was sitting at my desk at school this morning and I had a moment when I genuinely did not know what day it was-- although I was sure it had to be closer to Friday... but no. Alas, it is only Tuesday. But you know what that makes tomorrow? Wednesday! Yep, Hump Day. And I may or may not be the teacher who showed her students the Geico-Camel-Hump Day commercial which caused seemingly endless exclamations about hump day throughout the hallways for the rest of the week... But I'm not admitting anything. Nope, not me. However, I will share a link to watch the commercial on YouTube:

click here for commercial

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any subsequent videos about hump day you are sucked into watching once there. Also, I do not take responsibility for any camel quotes you or your loved ones feel the need to repeat for the next three days.

Now, I'm off to eat the steak, potatoes, and carrots Hubs grilled for dinner...



  1. Haha! I miss your class, and I am loving all of your blog posts. I'm glad your year is going great so far! :)

  2. Thanks, Maggie! I miss having you in class. I hope you're enjoying college! :)

  3. Cherish Gehret10/7/13, 2:57 PM

    Duuude! I've read the same blog posts on here about 15 times. Time for a new one! :-)